Ajith Persadh

Ajith Persadh

Professional Registrations 

  • Professional Technologist: Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) since 2004.
  • Professional Member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE).
  • Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists of South Africa  (IPET). 

Academic Qualifications 

  • Master of Science (M. Sc) Degree in Electrical Engineering: 2007 

o University of KwaZulu – Natal, Durban, South Africa 

  • Batchelor of Technology (B. Tech) Degree in Electrical Engineering: 2001 o Durban University of Technology, South Africa 
  • National Diploma in Electrical Engineering: 1995 

o Durban University of Technology, South Africa 

  • Installation Electrician – Wire Man’s License for single phase and three phase installations. Work Experience 

I am employed at Eskom since December 1996. Eskom is the largest Electrical utility in South Africa  that Generates, Transmits and Distributes approximately 95% (31 000MW (as @2006)) of the country’s  electricity demand. Furthermore, Eskom’s Transmission lines across the country range from 132kV  to 765kV. The Distribution grid ranges from 400V to 11kV to 132kV. Below are high level details of  my working experiences.

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  1. Eskom, Distribution, National Maintenance & Operating Centre of Excellence (CoE)  Senior Technologist: Aug 2007 – Present 

  • Provided technical expertise in managing National Technology Changes (i.e. Engineering  Change Management) 
  • Provided a consulting service for engineering business systems, processes, and practices. Monitored and managed new and existing business process development solutions. Established, implemented, and maintained measuring/monitoring practices. Facilitated business transformation. 
  • Performed Engineering investigations and follow up on fatalities, incidents and of plant failures. Developed & change managed National Maintenance Engineering Strategies, Maintenance  Procedures & Engineering Processes for: 

o Overhead power lines (ranging from 0-765kV) 

o Wood poles for power lines 

o MV & HV indoor & outdoor Switchgear 

o Small Scale Embedded Generators (SSEGs) 

o Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) 

All strategies above developed with RCM / FMECA principles 

  • Developed Performance Management Standard for LV networks + Change Managed o Developed the performance metrics 

o Provided the tools for transformer zone investigations 

o Developed the LV data dictionaries 

o Performed loads of plants walk downs 

o Ongoing LV data analytics 

  • I have a leading role in the following National portfolios: 

o Member of the Lines Engineering Services Study Committee 

o Member of the Power Delivery Maintenance Study Committee 

o Chairman for the Overhead Power Lines Maintenance Care Group (0-765kV) o Lead for the LV Strategic Review Project Cost savings + Performance Management o Member of PV Microgrid – SSEG technology Joint Working Group 

o Lead for the Battery Energy Storage Systems Maintenance & Operating Working Group o Member for the Envirotech Care Group 

o Member of the following National Distribution Management Forums: 

o Plant Performance 

o Plant Management 

o Zone Managers 

o Specialized Maintenance & Support 

  • Previous National portfolios: 

o Chairman of the Distribution Switchgear Equipment Care Group (Maintenance Eng. Strategies, Standards and Processes for all types of Circuit Breakers and Isolators  ranging from 11kV to 132kV): 2007 – 2017 

o Chairman of the Switchgear Training Care Group (Assured effective specialized training  of electricians in the Power Plant departments): 2008 – 2017 

o Chairman of Plant Risk Analysis Work Group (Reported on Strategic and Critical Spares,  Plant health and Risk Modeling): 2007 – 2010 

o Member and Secretariat for the National Strategic Spares Committee (Contributed to  national decisions for Strategic Transformers > 1MVA and Cables > 44kV): 2007 – 2009 o Held membership and played lead roles in the following working groups:  o Maintenance Strategy Work Group: 2007 – 2012 

o LV Asset Management Project (Member + Secretariat): 2008 – 2012 

o Plant Equipment Study Committee

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o Maintenance Management Study Committee 

o MV & LV Study Committee 

o Outdoor AIS Switchgear Care Group 

o MV Metal Enclosed Switchgear Care Group 

o HV/EHV GIS Switchgear Care Group 

o SANAS (Dept. of Labor – South African National Accreditation System: Specialized  Technical Committee) 

  1. Eskom Distribution, Technology & Quality Management  

Technology and Quality Engineer: Aug 1999 – July 2007 

  • Provided technical expertise in managing local Technology Changes (i.e. Engineering Change  Management) 
  • Identified and implemented engineering changes to Power Distribution Technology by: o Evaluating divisional change requirements in accordance with existing standards and  specifications. 

o Analyzing deficiencies in existing policies, standards, specifications, and procedures. Developed, introduced, and implemented engineering changes or processes by: o Networking with groups to develop new or revised standards. I have revised various National  Low Voltage Standards and Specifications. 

  • Introduced technology and engineering changes by keeping abreast of latest technology trends  and identifying the best work processes and practices. Furthermore, by conducting divisional  seminars, workshops, and road shows to explain and demonstrate the engineering changes or  processes. 

o Example, I implemented the insulated neutral conductor on low voltage overhead networks, the special slow curve 40A circuit breaker and pre-paid electrical meters. 

  • Provided engineering consulting and technical services by: 

o Ensuring compliance to Quality Standards by assessing over-head power line projects ranging from 400V to 33kV. 

o Applying the Pareto Principle to poor performing networks, zoning them, analyzing faults per zone, and assessing the network with a view to enhancing performance. 

o Auditing suppliers and poor performing contractors by conducting Risk Assessment Audits  (RAS). 

o Representing and facilitating in workgroups, forums, and workshops. 

  • Example: I was the Chairperson of the Regional Reticulation & Electrification  Clerk of Works forum.  

o Developing and implementing construction and maintenance processes. o Performing technical investigations of fatalities, incidents and of plant failure. Investigations  included failures of 11kV Circuit Breakers, Transformers and Overhead Line Hardware. o Evaluating tenders for 11kV and 22kV Circuit Breakers, Metering Kiosks, Pre-payment  metering, Street Light Luminaires and Ladders. 

o Evaluating technical conformance of structural components to specifications. o Evaluating obsolete structural components in stores and advising on use or re-engineering. o Advising the Engineering departments on the correct application of standards. o Supplying technical expertise to the relevant service divisions. 

  • Quality Assurance Engineering 

o Developed quality criteria in conjunction with the Quality Management Analyst. o Audited Original Equipment Manufacture’s to ensure compliance to ISO 9000 requirements,  Eskom Standards and Specifications.

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o Ensured that suppliers have, and implemented Quality Management Systems (that include  Policy and Quality Statements, Quality Control, Documentation Management and Record  keeping) 

o Internal quality audit of Low Voltage Training received by Maintenance staff. Quality auditing  of Distribution Construction projects and of poor performing Networks. 

o Materials management. Rationalizing materials in accordance with standards for optimum  stores inventory. I managed a regional material stock standardization process 2001 – 2004 o Ensuring Asset Integrity from the manufacturing plant to project construction completion.  This involved physical checks of all electrical equipment to ensure compliance to  specifications. 

o I also presented Quality Assurance Standards, Specifications, Procedures and Practices to  Plant Maintenance Specialists, Network Performance Enhancers and Network Maintenance  officers. 

o Electrical equipment included Power and Reticulation Transformers, Circuit Breakers and  Isolators, CT’s and VT’s, Capacitor Banks, Overhead lines and associated hardware and Metering Installations. These ranged from 400V to 132kV. 

  • Supporting technical training 

o I had successfully developed a Training Manual on the Construction and Maintenance of  Low Voltage Overhead Lines and associated Systems (less than 1000V). 

o I further assisted in the construction of low voltage lines to aid me in facilitating the material I  developed. 

o I trained over 1000 construction linesmen since 2001. I followed through with project  construction audits to ensure quality compliance. 

  1. Eskom Distribution, Network Maintenance Management 

Works Management Officer: July 1997 – July 1999 

I managed maintenance resources for un – planned work requiring execution within 24 hours. 

  • Worked in conjunction with the Regional Network Control department to ensure customer  satisfaction with respect to unplanned maintenance work. 
  • Prioritized unplanned maintenance work. 
  • Optimized resource utilization to ensure business efficiency. 
  • Prevented unsafe acts and conditions from endangering people and animals. Managed dispatching data. 
  • Recommended improvements to the dispatching environment. 
  1. Siemens Ltd, Industrial Building Systems and Automation (IBSA) Commissioning Technician: Aug 1995 – Nov 1996 

Commissioning and technical services on the following plant: 

  • Motor Control Centers for the South African Paper Producing Industry (SAPPI). A 4.5MW D.C Traction Substation for the National Rail (Spoornet). 
  • Motor Control Centers for the Johannesburg Waste-water Treatment Works. 3.3kV and 11kV Control Boards for Siemens Factory in Isando. 
  • 11kV vacuum breakers for Eskom Arnot Power Station. 
  • 33kV protection panels for South Africa’s Synthetic and Oil producing company (SASOL)

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Voluntary services at ISKCON: to name a few, since 2010 

Note: the following voluntary services are rendered after working hours & on weekends Co-founder of Bhaktivedanta Consultant Group, offering Global Consulting on: o Strategic Planning, Functional Planning & Risk Management 

  • Facilitator & Assessor at Global Leadership College (India + North America) Special Projects Manager for the Global BBT (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust) National Director Devotee Care South Africa 
  • Festivals Planning and Implementation, Durban South Africa 

Other Skills 

  • Leadership: I have led National Study Committees, Equipment Care Groups and Equipment  Working Groups (27 years). National Director for Devotee Care ISKCON SA. Co-founder & lead  at Bhaktivedanta Consulting Group. Presented leadership training globally + locally. Quality Auditing and Quality Assurance (7 years experience) 

o I have audited suppliers, contractors’, and all types of projects within the Power Distribution  environment. I comprehensively audited the quality of Low Voltage training offered within the  province of KwaZulu – Natal. 

  • Computer Literate in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Power point) (27 years) o Software packages: Power Office (a project costing engine), Reticulation Sag and Tension  (used to design overhead line stringing charts) 
  • Communication Skills (27 years’ experience) 
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills (27 years’ experience) 

o I have facilitated & presented at National and Regional meetings, Contractor, and Clerk of  Works Forums, MV and LV standards roll out, National & Regional workgroups and during  implementation of various engineering processes and standards. Presented and facilitated  on-line leadership courses at ISKCON’s global leadership college (India & North America) Analytical (27 years)