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Alfred Ford MBA

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“At a critical juncture, I sought an extra push that aligned with my values. Joining the Alfred Ford School of Management offered an unparalleled program in conscious leadership. Upon completion, my employer recognized the unique value this program brought and extended an irresistible offer. This practical, hands-on, and values-based program was a priceless boost to my career, providing a deeper understanding of human dynamics within the organization environment.”

“I’m very interested in this globally-minded programme that emphasizes how to tap into human capital. My goal is to become a President of a Healthcare organization where I can influence and innovate in an industry that needs to provide care more safely and effectively.”

“We serve students in developing a high level of moral and personal character with exceptional professional business and managerial knowledge and skills, while offering an excellent blended learning education.”

“This school is inspirational, as it teaches to think outside the box with moral, ethical, and judicious self-awareness extended to the workplace. My motivation is to get the necessary skills and knowledge to be a conscious and qualified leader, so I can learn and apply high moral principles in today’s challenging global business environment.”