Matthew’s Quest and MBA Transformation

Matthew, a 34-year-old professional hailing from Vancouver, Canada and the founder of two successful businesses, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance his business knowledge and leadership abilities. His pursuit led him to the Alfred Ford School of Management (AFSM), where he discovered the profound principles of conscious leadership.

What prompted your search for an MBA program, and what were your initial expectations?

In my journey to grow personally and professionally, I faced two crucial decisions that would shape my future. I run a business consulting firm that aims to increase profits and have a positive impact on the world. When I thought about furthering my education, I initially considered a traditional MBA, but as I looked into it, I realized it wasn’t as appealing as I thought. I wanted something special, something that aligned with my values and the future I envisioned. That’s when I discovered Conscious Leadership, a transformative approach that emphasizes balance between people, the planet, purpose, and profit.

How would you describe your experience with the program’s modules and the quality of teaching?

The concept of conscious leadership deeply resonated with me, inspiring me to embark on a journey to grasp and integrate its principles. During my studies, I discovered the modules to be engaging, easy to access, and remarkably enlightening. The quality of the video content exceeded my expectations, and I was genuinely impressed by the program’s overall excellence. What truly distinguished the Alfred Ford School of Management was the unwavering commitment of its staff and educators, who wholeheartedly embraced the principles of conscious leadership.

What truly set the Alfred Ford School of Management apart was the dedication of its staff and teachers, who wholeheartedly embodied the principles of conscious leadership.

How did the flexibility of the program accommodate your nomadic lifestyle, and what aspects of the program stood out for you in this regard?

With my frequent international travel, both for leisure and work, I needed an MBA program that could seamlessly align with my nomadic lifestyle. Luckily, the Conscious Leadership MBA from Alfred Ford was an ideal match for my requirements. This program not only equipped me with valuable knowledge but also provided the flexibility needed to accommodate my on-the-go work style. It strikes the perfect balance between high-quality education and adaptability, making it the ideal choice for my ever-evolving journey.

This program not only offered me valuable knowledge but also a flexible approach that accommodated my on-the-go work style. It’s the ideal blend of quality education and adaptability, making it the perfect fit for my ever-evolving journey.

How has your experience in the program influenced your professional and personal journey?

In my transformative journey towards conscious leadership, I have not only acquired knowledge but have also found a supportive and adaptable community that aligns with my ever-evolving path. This program has equipped me with the tools and insights to make a positive impact and be a torchbearer for conscious leadership in the world.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey of your own, Matthew invites you to connect with him. Feel free to contact Matthew to explore how the Conscious Leadership MBA from Alfred Ford School of Management can be your path to personal and professional growth. Mathew’s LinkedIn contact: