Conscious leadership

The MBA program in Conscious Leadership and Management at Alfred Ford School of Management provides an understanding of the theory and practice of management and the ethics and spiritual values related to it. The program equips students with intellectual tools for understanding management and prepares them for international leadership roles.

The program has theoretical and practice-oriented components. It allows students to combine an in-depth understanding of the theory of management with an understanding of the ethics and values needed to meet the foundational challenges of leadership practice.

Along with providing an excellent MBA curriculum, this program enables students to rethink leadership and management in the light of an ethically and spiritually driven approach.


Specifically, the MBA offers:

  • A thorough discussion of contemporary management and leadership issues
  • A discourse relevant to this field and engagement with the intellectual debates within it
  • An examination of the core values that influence leadership styles
  • Familiarity with the art of ethically embedded decision-making
  • The ability to critically analyze classical approaches to leadership ethics coming from different religious traditions