AFSM Scholarship is meant to allow talented applicants from every country and sector to apply for Alfred Ford School of Management MBA programme. Since Alfred Ford School of Management is centering around conscious business and leadership practices, we would like to offer financial support to the candidates who demonstrate exceptional experience and leadership skills and at the same time are not able to pay their full tuition fees.

AFSM secured a limited amount of partial scholarships, which are granted under the strict eligibility criteria. For all AFSM scholarships we require applicants to provide accurate details of their financial situation.

Before submitting the scholarship application, you will first need to fill in the application form.
You should then submit your scholarship application form with all the supporting documents as soon as possible after you have submitted the AFSM Application form and no later than 3 weeks before the next programme start date – see here. In order for your scholarship application to be accepted, please ensure that you use the AFSM Scholarship online form to submit your application; applications over email will not be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria

AFSM scholarships have a specific eligibility criteria based on a combination of merit and financial need. Candidates will be judged on the quality of their scholarship essays and the degree to which they meet the eligibility criteria. Please see more on the Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

Applicants from developing countries might have a priority in cases when students applying for the same intake have very similar situation. Therefore, when reviewing these scholarship applications, financial need is the main criterion. As a part of the merit criteria, the admissions team will consider the academic and professional achievements and merit distinctions received, which can be noted down in the essay required in the scholarship application form.

List of required supporting documents (please note that all this data will be treated with strict confidentiality by AFSM):

  • Proof of salary (latest salary slip or a letter from your employer);
  • Bank statements for the last three months that will reflect your checking and savings accounts – an online overview is accepted;
  • If you have extenuating/exceptional circumstances in the past year (supporting dependents’ education, medical care, bankruptcy, etc.), provide relevant documentation.

Copies of these documents can be sent by email to your personal student care assistant or to

The applicant will be invited for the admission interview with the MBA director who will make an assessment for the scholarship award during that time. If a student already went through the admissions interview before applying for the scholarship, the interview might not be needed.

AFSM Scholarship Application Form

You must have already applied to the AFSM MBA programme by using the AFSM application form before you submit this form. Please see the eligibility criteria before you fill in this form.

PLEASE NOTE: we offer partial scholarships in the amount of €2,000, which will be deducted from the total tuition fee (€8,900).



    Here please provide information of a person whom we can contact to verify your application:


    In approximately 400 words provide a concise but accurate description of:

    1. The journey you have taken to get to the point of applying for this scholarship, outlining the difficulties you have overcome and the successes you have had.

    2. How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain the partial scholarship from AFSM?

    3. Why should AFSM consider you for a partial scholarship?

    4. Your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the study at AFSM.

    This short essay should reflect your personal point of view expressed in your own words and, if necessary, supported by proper citation.

    Please provide a forecast of your financial circumstances for the period of your proposed studies, and a proof of financial hardship along with supporting documents. All such documents will be treated with strict confidentiality by the admissions team.

    Before submitting your scholarship application, ensure that you have completed the entire form correctly. Also, please send all the supporting documents, as outlined in the eligibility criteria, by email to your personal student care assistant or to before the deadline.


    1. I certify that the information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    2. I understand that if successful, I am required to abide by the regulations set in the contract between myself and Alfred Ford School of Management.

    3. I understand that if I fail to meet my obligations as outlined in the scholarship terms and conditions, I risk my scholarship being terminated. Should this occur, I understand I will not be eligible to receive the discount in my tuition fee payment.

    4. I understand that the decision of the Admissions team is final.

    Please note that you can request more information through our website. You are filling a scholarship application.

    Terms and Conditions

    AFSM is offering scholarships to the students funding their own MBA studies. The award will be offered in the form of a tuition fee discount of up to €2,000 per student.

    Who is eligible?

    • Limited scholarships are available and students are considered for their eligibility on a basis of financial status and merit. We strongly advise you to apply latest 3 weeks before the next programme start date to ensure you are considered for a scholarship for that intake.
    • Only one scholarship award can be made per student.
    • If you have been offered a scholarship but request to defer your studies, your scholarship offer will be reconsidered in line with the terms and conditions that apply in the new year of entry.

    How do I apply?

    Fill in the scholarship application form and review the eligibility criteria. You will be invited for an interview as soon as possible after submitting your scholarship application. The MBA Director will assess you for a scholarship award during your interview. If you already went through the admissions interview before applying for the scholarship, the interview might not be needed.

    We strongly encourage you to apply latest 3 weeks before the intake date in order to ensure you are considered for an award. You can see the start dates here.

    How do you decide if I will receive a scholarship?

    During your interview, the MBA Director will be particularly looking for evidence of:

      • Academic ability
      • Professional experience and career progression
      • Financial situation

    Admissions team will also review all the supporting documents, submitted as part of your original application for admission to decide about the award. The decision will be brought latest two weeks before the next programme start date.

    How will the scholarship be paid?

    The award will only be made available as a discount on the tuition fee that is payable to AFSM, in the amount up to €2,000, which is subtracted from the last tuition fee instalment.

    If the recipient has been offered a scholarship but requests to defer their study to a later intake, the scholarship offer will be reconsidered in line with the terms and conditions that apply in the new year of entry.

    Withdrawal of scholarship

    AFSM reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled us about any aspect of their eligibility.

    If the recipient fails to complete his/her MBA programme at AFSM, they will not be eligible to receive any refund of their paid tuition fees.

    Dispute resolution

    Acceptance of the award constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. In cases, not covered by the above terms and conditions, or where a student claims exceptional circumstances, or disputes a decision not to make payments due under a scholarship, they should first put their case in writing to the Administrative Coordinator (who will forward it to the Admissions Board) to consider the circumstances and uphold, amend or revoke the original decision.

    Note: These terms and conditions apply to students first enrolling with AFSM in the academic year 2017-18. AFSM reserves the right to update these terms and conditions as necessary in the subsequent years.