The Alfred Ford School of Management offers you the opportunity to upgrade your career by obtaining a degree online, accredited by IPE-Paris, the Institut pour L’Expertise.

What do we offer at the Alfred Ford MBA program?

Our curriculum is tailored to put you in the shoes of executives at real companies. Rather than listening to lectures, you will participate in lively case-based discussions equipping you with the understanding of the most important concepts of contemporary business – sustainable models, leaders who can turn these models into win-win realities for entrepreneurship, society and the environment competing in a global marketplace with all its specificities such as supply chains, data networks, trade policies, cultural differences, and political dynamics.

Wherever in the world you are, you can now benefit from a first-class experience: at Alfred Ford School of Management we provide a wide range of study resources that become available to you at the click of a button, including HD quality studio recorded lectures, just as if you were attending in person.

Given that learning is centered on debate and the exchange of ideas, you get to access your peers’ knowledge and experiences, shared in their own words – living knowledge that is far more engaging than anything you could read in a textbook.

Our MBA is all about leadership development. More than just a series of activities or workshops, our Personal Leadership Development program represents an integrated part of the MBA. We guide you to look inside yourself, focusing on deeper self-knowledge so you can leverage your strengths as a leader.

A key factor in the ever increasing popularity of online study is the flexibility it offers. Students no longer have to miss work or balance family commitments with rushing to lectures – through the captivating online study platform, the classroom comes to you at a time that really suits you.

Alfred Ford School of Management approach to learning is unique not only in its flexibility, but also in its delivery – placing a greater emphasis on applied and interactive learning, rather than passive learning; thereby ensuring that every single type of learner studies more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

Carefully selected teachers come from six continents with many years of teaching or professional experience in their respective fields, ready to teach you the secrets of successful business people!

Students and faculty at Alfred Ford School of Management come from dozens of countries and from every sector and industry. The school attracts people who are interested in continually expanding their understanding of the world and business.