MBA degree costs

The tuition fee of €6,950 includes online library access, online campus access, graduation fee, the online modules, and the dissertation supervision. The residency module costs €950 and includes seven days of accommodation, restaurant meals, and additional expenses (e.g. an excursion or a short trip). The mandatory textbooks are not included in the tuition fees; the total price of these varies and is approximately €400. A flight ticket to Belgium (or any other possible residency destination), transport from the airport to the place of residency, and the visa are to be paid additionally.

Payment Plans

We understand that balancing your work, career, family life, and studies can be challenging. That is why we have designed two payment plans that make paying for your education easy:

  • a single payment
  • a pay-as-you-go plan, so you pay as you progress through your degree, in 9 instalments.
Payment Plan 1)  a single payment
A one-time payment (includes €400 administrative discount) €6,550 + €950 residency module = €7,500
Payment Plan 2) pay-as-you-go
€2,150 initial non-refundable payment (includes the fee for Orientation and first module)*

+ €600 before commencing each of the following 6 online modules

+ €1200 before commencing the dissertation module

+ €950 before commencing the residency module

€6,950 + €950 residency module = €7,900

* ‘Demo module’ is free of charge and open to anybody interested.