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Student Interview: Ljiljana Pavlovicova

Ljiljana was born in Prague; as a young woman, she travelled to many different countries, working as a business professional. After fifteen years of such professional experience in management, she realized that she was still lacking as a leader and team player. She decided to take the unique Alfred Ford MBA programme to fulfil that […]

“Self-interest” and “Open Market”

My first serious quest into business, leadership, and ethical issues was related to Leadership and Organizational Behavior classes in my student days. The professor was bringing up the points that our colleagues in class are our direct competition and thus any kind of sentimental help we give one another will only cause us trouble. From […]

VIDEO: Learning with Cases is Exciting, Inspiring and Entertaining

For subtitles click on icon in the video menu. Learning with cases is exciting, inspiring and entertaining. You as a student will remember some of the cases long time after graduation since you will get from them academical, practical and philosophical bedrock in your managerial and leadership career. Case study describes real-life situation usually involving […]

Convocation ceremony for IPE 2016

On 19th of March 2016, the convocation ceremony for IPE 2016 graduates was held in Paris, the headquarter city of IPE Management School. The ceremony took place in the town hall of the 15th arrondissement, 31 rue Peclet, the most populated of 20 Paris’ arrondissements. In the atmosphere filled with joyous excitement, 39 bachelor level […]

VIDEO: Gary Goes Online

Hi, I am Gary! My friends and colleagues claims I am a successful manager… But I believe I still have a lot of to learn. Not only for sake of making business success, but also for making myself a better person, with widely open eyes and open mind for other people’s needs and sense for […]

VIDEO: Business and Living the Tension

Chelakara Ramnath is Alfred Ford School of Management residency teacher of the ‘Conscious Leadership’ module. He is a former management consultant and investment banker who became a monk. In this little article he is sharing his incredible journey from his life as an “external achievement machine”, to one rich in spiritual introspection, integrity, and true connectivity. […]

How Philosophy Makes You a Better (Conscious) Leader

The goal of most executive coaching and leadership development is behavior change—help the individual identify and change the behaviors that are getting in the way of, and reinforce the behaviors associated with, effective leadership.  But what about the beliefs and values that drive behavior? The benefits of introspection and reflection on one’s own character and beliefs receive […]

Bringing Mindfulness to the Corporate Masses

  Before they had even finished their morning coffee one Thursday earlier this summer, 11 staffers of the nonprofit organization Care shuffled up a narrow staircase to the Bhakti Center, a Hindu monastery in the East Village. As they reached the second floor, they removed their shoes and sat quietly in a spacious room typically […]

Envision, Engage and Execute: What it Means to Become a Conscious Leader

The new model of leadership comes directly from this shift, these conscious leaders are keenly aware of the essential interconnectedness of all life. Further, conscious leaders are vision driven. Their mission and philosophies are built on the view that each of us has a personal obligation to serve a greater purpose. We are each on […]

Alfred Ford School of Management to Teach Conscious Leadership

The new Alfred Ford School of Management – named after the businessman Alfred Ford, the great-grandson of auto magnate Henry Ford – offers an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a focus on conscious leadership. The Alfred Ford School of Management is affiliated with Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh, Belgium. Administrators of Bhaktivedanta College began working […]