Alfred Ford School of Management

The program is delivered in sequential 8-week sessions, module after module, through online delivery, with the onsite one-week residency module in Belgium (or other possible country), as the last part of your study.

To earn your MBA degree with Alfred Ford School of Management, you need to complete 8 modules plus a dissertation, which equals to 90 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The program can be completed in as little as 18 months, or if you prefer to take a slower pace, you can take up to 5 years.

Yes. One module is delivered onsite and we’ve invested special effort to make it attractive and beneficial for the students.

No, this program is asynchronous. The material is available online 24/7. Cover the material and complete the assignments for the week when it fits your schedule.

The Alfred Ford School of Management faculty graduated from some of the best universities worldwide. They bring years of experience and the most contemporary research insights to their classes. Most of them hold doctoral degrees and are published experts in their fields of research. For more details visit our Faculty section of the web-site.

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.  MBA degree usually has from 60 credits (1-year) to 120 credits (2-year). Some examples of ECTS credits assigned per degree type are:

1 year of studies – 60 ECTS-credits;
3-year Bachelor’s programme – 3*60 = 180 ECTS-credits;
2-year Master’s programme – 2*60 = 120 ECTS-credits.

Alfred Ford School of Management MBA program has 90 ECTS and it is specifically designed for working professionals and those who held managerial roles. Our MBA can be finished in 18 months (1,5 year).

There is a €50 application processing fee, which will be deducted from the first tuition instalment. Please see the application processing fee terms and conditions here. Some module textbooks are needed, that are not included in the tuition fee; the total price of these varies and is approximately €400. There are additional charges for the one week residency module in a sum of €950, which includes accommodation, meals in the restaurant, and additional expenses (e.g., excursions and short trip). A flight ticket to Belgium (or possible any other residency destination) and transport from the airport to the place of residency are to be paid additionally.

Alfred Ford School of Management MBA program can be finished in 18 months but the program is extensive until 5 years. No additional fees are charged for the extended mode of study since we designed the program in a modular way, one module to be studied at the time and the student’s convenience. The student is taking modules based on his/her preferences.

No, Alfred Ford School of Management earns the same MBA degree as any onsite program. The only difference is the mode of delivery.


UKmapAs it is a French Government approved institution, it is an officially recognized diploma which is recognised on a one to one situation. Our students are applying in UK for further studies when we provide the necessary transcripts. Ultimately, it is the relevant organisation who is making a decision.

We suggest that if you have plans to apply for further education (like PhD), you check with the desired institution whether the curriculum of your MBA studies (with Alfred Ford or any other MBA program), meets their own specific requirements.


To apply to Inland Revenue for a student loan interest exemption (covering the duration of your completed overseas study programme), you’ll have to get an OSA – Overseas Study Assessment. It proves your overseas qualification is the equivalent of at least a level 7 (e.g. a Bachelor’s Degree) on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

If your OSA statement confirms this level of qualification, you can then submit this statement to Inland Revenue as a part of your application to have the interest written off your New Zealand student loan for the duration of your overseas study.

For more info, visit this link.





Yes, it is possible to extend your study up to 5 years. That is the advantage of online learning.



Maximum two years after first graduates leave the school. That is the minimum time frame according to ACBSP policies, and for us that should be in 2020.

The first group of students was admitted in April 2017. We are having six intakes per year.





All the learning resources are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





The language of instruction is English. At the moment we don’t plan to introduce other languages.




Assessment is mostly based on case study analysis. There are also quick tests of your knowledge of key concepts and theories in the form of weekly quizzes.




We have pre-recorded all the lectures to avoid the practical shortcomings of synchronous delivery. In that way, we can deliver lectures in any time zone. Our prerecorded lectures are of the best HD video/audio quality.

GES – Grand Ecole Specialisees is the name that connects all the wholly owned schools:

  1. PPA – Business Management in Paris
  2. IPE – Business Management in Overseas locations
  3. EIML – Luxury Management
  4. ICAN – Digital and Digital Technology
  5. ESGCI – Computing and Software
  6. ECITV – Communications

All of them are at the levels 1 and 2 (Masters and Bachelor) in the French and European National Qualification Framework.