MBA programs online

The Alfred Ford School of Management gives you the opportunity to go where other MBA programs don’t go, from the innermost drives of your own behavior to the broadest possible perspectives on business and its place in society.

We offer an unparalleled educational experience:

  • superior instruction from an expert faculty
  • an innovative and flexible learning format
  • a commitment to graduating students who value community, collaboration, passion and pride

The Alfred Ford study experience is one of give-and-take, in which the faculty listens as much as they lecture, and students take initiative as often as they take notes. Ultimately this approach means valuing our students’ experience and wisdom, and believing that their participation elevates the discussion to the highest level and creates business leaders who are comfortable with the natural exchange of ideas in today’s global economy.

A general management knowledge base provides you with the flexibility to move into a wide range of business or management roles, while a focus on leadership development gives you the interpersonal skills you need to get there.

Learn about business and more, with an education that delves deep into the relevant environmental, societal, and governance issues.