Alfred Ford MBA - Residency

CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP – science and art by which one leaves a lasting legacy

5-day Zoom webinar

The key to effective leadership lies in mastering a wide range of skills focused on the vision, situation analysis, leader, followers, process, integration, change, character, balance, and personal productivity. This webinar will help its participants to become inspirational and confident leaders capable of inspiring effective teams.

We define leadership as the process of influencing others through character, personal example, and vision about what needs to be done and how to accomplish envisioned goals for the benefit of all.

Topic covered:

  • Leadership learning – Why become a leader and who becomes a leader? The need for leaders. Myths and reality of leadership. Lead or manage? Leadership as an interactional process. Methods of learning leadership and their efficacy. Leadership styles.
  • Leader Persona – Self-management. Character development. Inspiring others. Managing your resources. Understanding and balancing the 4Rs (Rest, Race, Recreation, Relationships). Coping with stress. Improving your competencies. Personal branding.
  • Followers – Motivation, performance, and effectiveness. Using engagement and potential that followers have. Groups and teams. Skills for developing others. Group factors that can affect followers’ behaviours.
  • Situation – Leadership and change. Contingency and transformational leadership. Skills for optimizing leadership as situations change (creating a compelling vision; diagnosing performance problems in individuals, groups, and organizations; feedback and punishment). Redesigning the influence system.
  • Process – Team building (from a group to a team). Group processes. Negotiation and conflict resolution. Using conflict to foster creative solutions.
  • Leadership Analysis – How to analyze? How to plan? How to act? 360-degree leadership feedback. Objective and subjective indicators of leader’s effectiveness. Communication strategy.
  • Leadership effectiveness – Implementing vision. Tools for leadership effectiveness. Setting a comprehensive management system. Leaving the management to managers. New change on the horizon. Coaching new leaders.

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