MBA degree

The Alfred Ford School of Management sets high but reasonable standards for applicants.

1) Educational/professional qualifications
The candidate must meet one the following conditions prior to commencement of the program:

1a) Higher educational degree – minimum BA level


1b) Applicants presenting non-standard academic qualifications but with substantial business and management experience may be interviewed and asked to present their experiential learning. In this case the candidate should have relevant work experience and have held a position with team-leader responsibility for at least three years.

2) Proficiency in English
English is the language of instruction. If an applicant’s first language is not English,

2a) he or she must be able to demonstrate oral and written fluency in English. Working or studying in an English-speaking environment will usually be sufficient to demonstrate an acceptable competence,


2b) applications for admission must be accompanied by a certificate of competency in the English language from a recognised institution or program. English language requirements for non-English speaking students are a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, or a minimum TOEFL score of 600, or the equivalent.