VIDEO: Gary Goes Online

Hi, I am Gary!

My friends and colleagues claims I am a successful manager…

But I believe I still have a lot of to learn.

Not only for sake of making business success, but also for making myself a better person, with widely open eyes and open mind for other people’s needs and sense for world around me.

That’s why I am looking for a very specific MBA degree that provides:

  1. Learning mostly online
  2. User friendly learning platform with small classes
  3. A flexible timetable and as you go payment model
  4. Ethically and value-based curricula
  5. A holistic perspective over the business world
  6. More independency and career opportunities
  7. Finally, higher salary after graduation.

I got stuck thinking about the right programme for me… The one that will provide me with professional accomplishment and personal fulfilment…

Guess what? I managed to find it!

The Alfred Ford School of Management and its MBA in Conscious Leadership!


It offers me 12 modules (such as marketing, finance, and accounting), of 8 weeks each – which means I can gain my MBA diploma in much as 18 months, or extend it to a maximum of 5 years.

Since 98% of the program is delivered through a first-class online learning platform, I can study when it suits me best…

And I even get to spend a one final week of residency in Belgium.

planet-people-profitWhat I like the most is that the 80% of the programme is based on case study and simulation methods that encourage interaction and discussion.

But, nevertheless the Alfred Ford School of Management is place where people truly care for each one and pay a real respect to 3P model – People, Planet, Profit.

If you are sharing the same true values and care about human and unique need of each individual as much about you business success, join me! We have a right school for business!