Dario Knez

Dario Knez, MBA


  • 2008 — 2012     MBA – Master of Business Administration, Robert Kennedy College Zurich
  • 2004 — 2008     BA in Theology, University of Wales, Lampeter
  • 1997 — 2002     BA in Informatics, Information systems (VII/I), Faculty of organization and informatics Varaždin, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1994 — 1997     Certificate in Informatics, Data research (VI/II), Faculty of organization and informatics Varaždin, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Professional experience

2014 – present     Admin Director, Alfred Ford School of Management, Durbuy, Belgium

2011 — present     Director of Online Learning at Bhaktivedanta College, Durbuy, Belgium

  • develops, leads and grows all aspects of Bhaktivedanta College online educational presence
  • supervises and envisions all online planning, development, delivery and communications within Bhaktivedanta College
  • manages and represents distance and blended learning initiatives at Bhaktivedanta College, including video conferencing and other instructional technology tools
  • collaborates to develop new online programs for students and working professionals (www.BCOC.bhaktivedantacollege.com)

2011 — 2014     Assistant of Course Director for Business

  • plans and coordinates the academic calendar in consultation with the Course Director for Business and teachers
  • attends a course in order to evaluate the teacher’s performance
  • ensures that the feedback (students, moderator and assistant course director) on each course is collected, properly registered, that the Course Director for Business is informed and the results send to the corresponding teacher
  • works with the Course Director for Business in supervising the global performance of students and ensures that they get the necessary support from teachers, staff and mentors
  • teaches some courses or part of the courses
  • coordinates and supervises the distance learning courses of the College
  • supervises the business part of the library
  • ensures that the visiting teachers have the support they need and that they have a good time and their personal needs are taken care while they are at the College
  • assist the members of the administrative council in other extraordinary tasks and is available to support them if needed.

2008 — 2009     Fundraising Officer, Bhaktivedanta College, Durbuy, Belgium

2007 — 2011     Office Administrator and Promotion Manager, Bhaktivedanta College, Durbuy, Belgium

  • define and overview the execution of the promotion strategy through different means (website – standard texts and news – brochures, flyers, course descriptions, presentations, news to supporters etc.)
  • establish a yearly budget, follow up of the budget
  • overview accounting and cash register
  • approve invoices
  • supervising and managing human resource processes; give feedback to related staff members, search for new staff members
  • create and maintain brochures, flyers, course descriptions, and texts on the College web site
  • organize and write articles for the College newsletter
  • arrange, prepare, and take part in-house programs, preaching events, and benefits dinners

2007 — 2008     Corresponding Secretary for the GBC Worldwide

  • non-objection procedure – nomination, financial reports: collection, processing and reporting, GBC proposals procedures, agenda, committees, organizer of GBC conferences, monitor GBC internet broadcastings

2004 — 2015     Secretary for the Euro-RGB

2003 — 2004     FINA, Financial Agency, Zagreb, Croatia

  • member of IBM Data Base and Oracle Data Warehousing Team

Training and professional development

  • Ethical Business (5 weeks online)
  • Bhakti-sastri Radhadesh (high honours)
  • Bhakti-sastri Teacher Training (Ministerial training) (24 hours)
  • Communications (21 hours)
  • Congregational Development Course (15 hours)
  • Counselling and Life Skills (36 hours)
  • Indiana Business School, Fundraising seminar with Josef Lauber (30 hours)
  • Interfaith (21 hours)
  • Leadership and Management (36 hours)
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution (21 hours)
  • Meeting skills (21 hours)
  • Pastoral care (21 hours)
  • Teacher Training, Level I & II (72 hours)