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Envision, Engage and Execute: What it Means to Become a Conscious Leader


The new model of leadership comes directly from this shift, these conscious leaders are keenly aware of the essential interconnectedness of all life. Further, conscious leaders are vision driven. Their mission and philosophies are built on the view that each of us has a personal obligation to serve a greater purpose. We are each on Earth to contribute to the greater good, both in how we manage business and conduct our lives.

There is a personal and spiritual aspect to this particular type of leadership because it connects you with other people at a much deeper core level. Because of this, it requires more of you that has ever been required from our leaders.

The new model of effective leadership demands that you evaluate the purpose of your business; more importantly, it requires that you dig deeper and ask, “What purpose does my life serve?”

Before outlining some of the key aspects of becoming a conscious leader, let’s take a birds eye view, and look at some of the things you must identify in yourself before you can evolve in this way:

  • What message do you want to send? What do you believe is right and ethical?
  • What standards must you uphold to conduct good and meaningful business?
  • What legacy will you leave; and, how will others see you as their leader?
  • How will your life’s work impact others; and, in what ways will it serve to make the world a better place?

The 3 Skills of Conscious Leaders

You are here, reading this article, because you are passionate about making a difference; you desire to either build, or grow, a business that fulfills your life and the lives of others. You likely have a vision for doing work that touches your clients, and transforms them in a meaningful way; like all great leaders, you seek to attract others and inspire them to share in this goal.

To become the kind leader that achieves these exceptional results, you must develop and hone these three skills:

  1. Envision: a strong purpose that is truly visionary in scope
  2. Engage: others – your team members, strategic partners, and customers
  3. Execute: along with your team to fully achieve your desired vision

Conscious leaders develop a big vision of what is possible. Then they turn their vision into a powerful purpose used to drive their business. Leaders understand it is their responsibility to dream the future so vividly and communicate it so precisely that others will want to become a part of their team.

It is your responsibility as a leader to engage others in a way that ignites a fire inside of them. When you enthusiastically share your vision and connect with others at a heart level, they will not only want to help you achieve the vision, they will also begin to embrace it as their own vision. Let them know how important their insights and contributions are to your business and what they can specifically do to energize and promote the vision.

Conscious leaders understand the importance of becoming focused and executing on their visions. They wake up in the morning ready to execute the priorities that will advance their vision.

As a leader, when you execute to motivate others to join with you, they will help bring your vision fully to life. In fact, sharing your purpose, and achievement, with others will make it a more significant and rewarding accomplishment for you.

Integrity is Imperative to Conscious Leadership

Integrity is one of those words that we all understand in a slightly different way; remember that this model of leadership stems from the New Entrepreneur Path, and the Triple Win principle. As we explore integrity and conscious leadership, let’s define it as leading your business in a way that is “good for your customers, good for your business, and good for your values.”

cc_infoFirst and foremost, integrity is good for your customers; you are in business to serve them. When you act with integrity, you are honest with your customers in every contact with them. Your marketing conveys what is beneficial about your products without deceiving or misleading, and you take their best interest to heart – only selling them products or services that actually make their life, business or organization better.

Second, you are also in business to serve your company’s growth and profits. Your goals, strategies, and actions must be directed toward expressing your purpose, expanding your business, and growing your bottom line. As the leader of your business, it is your responsibility to execute in ways that empower your business to expand and thrive.

Third, you are in business to serve the values you have established. Think of values in this way: if your purpose is the heart of your business, then your values are the life-force flowing through your business’ veins. You give real meaning to your business by choosing values that accurately represent what is important to you.

Conscious Leaders Achieve Results by Executing

One of the major differences between successful business leaders and those who are unsuccessful is that all successful leaders focus on results. Instead of focusing on hopes, dreams, and good intentions, they focus on whether they, their team, and their busi¬ness achieve results that can be directly measured.

How many people do you know who have a big idea for how something could become better? They talk about it all the time–yet they never execute. They are not leaders. They are not entrepreneurs. They are simply people with ideas.

In thinking about results, I realized the old maxim, “all that matters is results” is not completely accurate. I became aware that there are missing elements. As a conscious leader, it is important that you evaluate your “results” in three different ways:

  1. What: result are your conscious focused actions designed to achieve?
  2. Why: is this outcome so important that achieving it should be a priority?
  3. How: will you achieve it, including will your actions express your values?

As a leader, it is your responsibility to answer each of these questions: “What results will I achieve; why are they important priorities; and, how will my business achieve them?” This goes to the heart of what it means to be conscious as a leader.

If you want to make an important difference, if you want to build a business that achieves a greater good, and if you want to live a life that truly matters–then focus your efforts on becoming a stronger, more effective leader, and always remember…

While business is about making money, for a conscious leader it is about much more: it’s about bringing your vision forward, making a difference with your life, and contributing to the greater good of the world.

J V Crum IIIWritten by: J V Crum III, the founder of; as a business coach and speaker, he is sought after for his unique ability to help entrepreneurs and executives integrate their strengths and passions into a well-defined strategy for creating high profits and making a big difference in the world.