MBA degree Strategic Management

Online Courses + Residential Week

Offering the best of both worlds, the Alfred Ford School of Management combines the flexibility of online study and the interaction, focus and networking potential of face-to-face meetings. Over two years of part-time study candidates complete ten core course modules and attend one residential course at Alfred Ford MBA.

These 10 e-learning courses are developed to allow candidates to continue working throughout the program, whilst engaging with faculty and their peers via a virtual platform. Online courses emphasize basic management tools and skills, such as Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Change Management – to mention but a few. Teachers are available online throughout the course.

Residential weeks provide candidates with bouts of intense teamwork exercises and networking opportunity with their peers. These high-impact sessions are filled with seminars, case studies, team assignments and company visits. With an emphasis on interaction and collaborative learning, residential weeks focus on business and management themes, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Change, and Innovation and Managing Emerging Economies.